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Vaccination Records & Nevada Web IZ
Vaccination Records Information

The CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides and abundance amount of information pertaining to where to find vaccination/immunization records, tracking vaccinations, recording vaccinations, interpreting abbreviations on records, and the role of the immunization registries’ role. For more information, visit

Vaccination Schedule

It is important to be aware of what vaccinations are required for your children. To determine the vaccination schedule for your children, you may view or download the schedule by age range.

vaccination schedule

Nevada Web IZ

If you need official copies of immunization records for your child, or if you need to update your personal records, there are several places you can look:

  • Check with your child's doctor or public health clinic. However, doctor's offices and clinics may only keep immunization records for a few years.
  • Check with your state's health department. You can request a copy of your child's immunization record. Or, you can find out if your child's immunization record is in an Immunization Information System (IIS). An IIS is a computer system that your doctor or public health clinic may use to keep track of immunizations your child has received. Most states have an IIS; contact the IIS in the state where your child received their last shots to see if records exist. See Find Your Child's Immunization Record through Your State's IIS.
  • Check with your child's school. Some schools keep on file the immunization records of children who attended. However, these records generally are kept for only a year or two after the student graduates, transfers to another school, or leave the school system. After a student leaves the school system, records are sent to storage and may not be accessible unless the record is stored in an IIS.
  • Check with college medical or student health services for your college-age child. Many colleges provide vaccinations, especially those required for enrollment. Contact your college's medical services or student health department for further information.

If your child's vaccination records cannot be located or are incomplete, your child should be considered susceptible to disease and be vaccinated (or revaccinated) against vaccine-preventable diseases. Children can have their blood tested for antibodies to determine their immunity to certain diseases. However, these tests may not always be accurate, so the doctor may not be sure your child is truly protected. In some cases, doctors may prefer to revaccinate your child for best protection. It is safe for your child to be vaccinated, even if they he or she may have already received that vaccine. Talk to your child's doctor to determine what vaccines are needed to protect against diseases.

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